Litter Robot 3 continuously cycles


I just received my Litter Robot 3 last Friday. The problem is that it will complete a cycle and then begin to cycle again. And again. And again. Sometimes it is immediate, and other times it takes a few minutes, but it is almost constant. My cats took to the Robot right away, but I’ve had to keep it powered off in order for them to use it. I’ve tried doing a hard reset and looking through the troubleshooting guides, but to no avail. Any ideas??

Hello @bootskabob,

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We are sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your Litter-Robot.

Please provide us with your order number.

Does the robot start a cleaning cycle on its own or you meant that the globe keeps rotating in the same direction more than one cycle?

Do you see your cats near the robot when it starts to cycle or it does this even when there’s nothing around it?


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Thank you.

Yes, it starts the cleaning cycle on its own and when nothing is around it. I have kept my cats away when troubleshooting.

Hello @bootskabob,

Thank you for your reply.

The unit is pretty sensitive and can pick-up weight from hands, arms, or other objects resting on the unit when “reset” is pressed. The unit should also be pulled away from a wall. Make sure you do not press on the Litter-Robot when you press the reset button.

We need to troubleshoot your cat sensor system (CATS). This is based on your description of a solid blue light after the cat has left the unit. Please try the following:

[NOTE: When attempting to activate CATS, troubleshoot with the following technique. We recommend applying pressure from the top of the globe entrance (not on the bonnet). Use a downward motion that pushes away from your body]

  1. Attempt to manually cycle the unit by pressing the “cycle” button. If the unit cycles properly, move to the next step.

  2. Reset the CATS by turning the unit off then on using the power button.

  3. During the start-up cycle, push on the unit to see if the CATS activates. If it does, press “reset” to pause the cycle, then press “reset” again to return the unit to home position.

  4. After the unit is on and in the home position, apply pressure to the unit. Does CATS activate (red light indicator)? If you apply more pressure, how much does it take to activate?

  5. If your unit switches to a red light after applying excessive pressure, consider the surface area that your unit is on (see below). If the CATS does not engage, refer to step 5.

  6. If your CATS does not engage, leave the unit off & unplugged. Notify us so we can make the necessary arrangements based on warranty.

The surface for your Litter-Robot should be hard to avoid the unit taking on extra absorption of weight. If the unit is sitting steady on the ground, but has a dip in the middle, the sensor may require much more weight to trigger. Instead, try putting the unit on a surface that is flat, such as a board. If your unit is on tile, we recommend that the back, center, of the unit is resting on the flat part of the tile and not on a grout line. Do not allow the unit to have items rest on it or be pushed up against the wall. Avoid resting on the unit when pressing the “reset” button.

Please let us know how it goes.


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Hey! When this happened to me, they had to send me a new base. Nothing else worked.

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