Litter Robot 3 Connect with Solid Yellow Light

I have a solid yellow light on my litter robot connect 3. I purchased it from less than 1 year ago.

After reading posts about others with the same issue, I require a new base.

How do I locate my order number to make a warranty claim? I deleted it from my email. I think I may have checked out as a guest because I don’t see the transaction in my order history.

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Hi @danielsouliere !

Thank you for choosing RobotShop.

Your order ID is 915258.

Before we do any repairs or exchanges, we need to troubleshoot your robot.

If you leave your robot plugged in for several minutes, does it changes to 3 blinking lights on the control panel?

No, nothing changes.

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OK, one more check.

Are you using original power supply adapter?

Is maybe control panel hot when you touch it?

Can you activate cat sensor by gently pressing entrance of the globe?

Did you maybe try Hard Reset (Litter-Robot III Open Air - Hard Reset) ?

Yes, I am using the original adapter. The control panel is not hot. No matter what button I press or hold down, its non-responsive. Hard reset did not work. I even made sure the pinch sensor was clean. I took the base apart and blew out all the little granules and it made no difference.

OK, thank you for this explanation.

We will transfer this topic to our internal support so we can proceed with the repair.

This topic was transferred to internal RobotShop Support.