Litter Robot 3 Connect App - suggest options for filtering notifications


We are the mostly happy owners of our first LR3 Connect for 2 months now, but I have a strong suggestion for an improvement of the app.

We have a multi-cat household with 6 very curious Siamese & oriental cats having access to the LR3. This means that it is a very regular occurrence that the LR3 gets interrupted during its cycle, and there is nothing wrong with that. Unfortunately it means that we are getting many many notifications every day that re not really relevant (i.e. don’t require our intervention). with notifications for both “Clean cycle in progress” and “Cat sensor interrupt” arriving on both our phones day & night (the fixed 8 hour sleep option does not really work for a 6 cat household), this gets really annoying.

It would be a great help if the app let you select which notifications you wanted, so that we could e.g. opt for only “drawer full” and real error messages, not all the “oh, by the way, I am operating as expected” messages :slight_smile:

Hardware concerned:

Software concerned:
iOS AutoPets App

Thank you so much in advance for your help!

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Hi @JKrag

You can disable the notifications under Settings → Notifications. Both CSF and Bonnet removed can be disabled. Along with Pinch, Over torque, and Position faults.

Thank you.

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