Litter Robot 3 {Bonnet removed error}

Hello, I also have this issue (I’ve seen other threads here as well) where I get the error “Bonnet removed” repeatedly over the day, even when my cats are not near the device (I have it on my balcony) .

I’ve also noticed that the issue started happening after the last (iOS) app update, if that helps.

I’ve read all the relevant articles, cleaned repeatedly the device, checked the bonnet a million times, nothing resolved the issue.

The iOS app version is 1.0.9 build 5.

You can see the serial number of the device, and repeated errors in the images attached to this thread.

Please help ASAP, thank you.

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Hi @ngeorgoulis

Please test if the night light is interrupting your cycle. Cover the light sensor which is located under the power button. If the night light turns on and the cycle is interrupted, then your bonnet needs to be replaced.

It is possible that the night-light is not even working, in this case, please remove the power from the robot and unclip the bonnet. Inside the bonnet you will see 2 wires connected to a small circuit. Make sure the wires are well connected to the circuit.

If that is working fine, then the problem is probably with the connection between the base and the bonnet. Have a look at this video:

Also, there are two connection metal pins between base and bonnet. Some customers use WD-40 to clean them to make better contact.

Please tell us how this goes.

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