Litter Robot 3 - Blue Light Flashing then Yellow Light Flashing Rapidly


I need some help for my litter robot 3 I purchased last year October 2021, blue light flashing then when I click reset button, rapid yellow cycle button flashing.

I checked Anti-Pitch metals, they are in close contact and they are clean so there is no issue on that at?

Might there be issues on the chip itself?

Could you please help me?

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Hi @igor_X,

I had similar problem and anti-pitch metals were touching each other, I cleaned them with a dry cloth as well just in case. However my problem didn’t get solved. What should I be doing the next? Is there any other recommendation we can follow?

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Hi @googatheluna and welcome to the forum.

Yes, it looks like the DFI sensor is defective.

You can also try one simple thing. Try to unplug your robot for several hours (or one day). This can solve the issue sometimes.

Let us know.

I just tried this, it was unplugged and off since yesterday morning. Same issue. What is the next step? Could you offer more tangible solutions :relaxed:

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Hi @googatheluna ,

Thank you for your reply.

Please see this video: Litter-Robot 3 DFI Kit + Pinch Detect Terminals Installation - YouTube

Are you able to replace DFI sensor on your own?

It seems little complicated and unnecessary steps for a user is not handy for these kinds. What is the alternative for me not replacing? Won’t you be able to send a replacement base which works properly?

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That is OK.

Other option is that you send us your robot for inspection and repair.

We don’t need complete robot. We need only the base (without drawer), bonnet and power supply, so you need to find a box to fit these parts.

Costs are covered while the robot is in manufacturer’s warranty.

Is this OK for you?

Thank you.

How long does all this progress take? And where is the location I need to send it?

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To Netherlands. With shipping, usually two weeks.

Sure, please send me the instructions, I will be sending you as soon as possible.

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OK, good.

We will forward this to our internal support so we can get some data from you.

You will receive an email now.

Thank you.

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