Litter Robot 2 stops half-way around and returns to normal position

We have a Litter Robot 2 that we’ve used for several years now. Currently, when it cycles, most of the time it stops the cycle about half-way around (after the litter drains into the screened area, but before dumping the clumps) and simply returns to the normal position. It sounds like the motor is laboring much of the time, though that comes and goes. Occasionally, it cycles normally, but that’s unusual. If I unplug it when it stops and replug it, it continues to the normal end point, dumps the litter, and back to the normal position. On one occasion, it got stuck while returning and all the lights flashed. It doesn’t get stuck before reversing, just stops and goes back. I’ve examined the gears and it doesn’t look like there’s any litter or any other debris in them.

Any idea of what I could do to fix the problem? Is the motor just worn out and needs to be replaced?

Thank you so much in advance for your help!

Hello @cjhughes0514 ,

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We are sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your Litter-Robot.

Please provide us with a video of the robot showing the odd behavior so we can identify the issue and help you fixing it.

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I’ve uploaded a video to - YouTube. It shows two cycles of the Litter Robot. In the first, it shows what happens when it cycles part way through then returns to the start position. In the second cycle, I pull the power when it starts to return and when I restore power, it completes the cycle, then returns to start.

Hello @cjhughes0514 ,

Thank you for your reply.

If the robot isn’t finding the dump/home position properly, you would need to replace the sensor harness:

You can follow this blog to help you replace it:

Let us know if you need further assistance.