Litter robot 2 door flap wont close

I have a litter robot 2 and the door flap wont close when it goes back to stationary position
If anyone has had this problem or knows a solution please help. Thanks!

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Hi @Asherkane93 and welcome to our forum.

We suggest you to open and close rapidly the flap a few times manually, as usually it’s a problem caused by the litter getting stuck on each ends of the flaps.

Thank you.

So the doors on my litter robot won’t close as of last night and since the internal guard handle is sticking out my cat doesn’t want to go into it anymore. Contacted the manufacturer and they just told me you can completely remove the door and it’s still fully functions. Was wondering if anyone has done this before?

Ok, so I did a little more research and yes, indeed, the doors can be removed and the litter robot will still be fully functional. You can remove the door by drilling out one rivet in the front and one in the back. Just FYI.

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Thanks for this info :slight_smile: