Litter robot 111 blue blinking light and not detecting cats using it

Litter robot 111 open air is not detecting cats. Blue blinking light continuously unless i press it. Have replaced cat sensor. Tried all suggestions on support pages including hard reset. Taking bonnet off, replacing globe etc. press on globe red light activates. Also if press inside globe red light activates. But doesnt for some reason seem to be detecting cats using it, they are between 3.5 and 6kg in weight. Dont necessarily want to purchase dfi sensor, unless this will solve the issue, as they are expensive. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Dont really want to replace if dont need to, but if dfi sensor is the problem, then this would be the cheaper option to go with. Many thanks. B

Hello @Creighton56,

We are sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your Litter-Robot.

Please provide us with your order number.

Have you tried to clean the DFI sensor by rubbing the isopropyl alcohol on both the DFI sensor board?

Here’s a video to show you where they are located and how to replace them in case they are damaged.

Let us know how it goes.