Linear actuators to lift a bed - and a control system?

Hi community

I need some help choosing the right parts for lifting a bed.

I am quite new robot scene, but I have some experience og creating a smart home. Now I have build a bed, where I can manually lift up, but it is quite heavy to do, so I am looking for some linear actuators to do the job. And even more important: A control system and power supply.

Here is the concept of the bed seen from the side:

I think I am looking for two linear actuators to make the lift and two linear actuators to make the slide. But what to choose? And how to control it?

For the slide I have been looking at this compact thing with heavy force: But it is only 30 cm long and I need 50 cm for the slide. So what could be the replacement?

For the lift it depends on where I mount the linear actuators, but I do believe that I need somewhere between 30 to 60 cm stroke.

And then the more complicated stuff: The control. I understand that it depends on the actuators I choose. I can be convinced otherwise, but basically I am looking for one bottom on the wall. When pressed the control system moves the bed to be upright. And when pressed again it goes back down.

If it is not too expensive, then it would be perfect if the control system somehow is connectable with Google Home. So I could just talk to my smart speaker, and ask it to move the bed. But that is just optional, if it is possible to implement.

What would you recommend me to buy?

Thank you so much for your help.

Best regards,
Rasmus MP


I doubt the linear motor that you picked (only 300N) can lift up the bed with an adult lying on it. Maybe you can try this: (longer and more powerful)

To control, you can try this: Plug & play, no programming is required.

Hi @ET

Thank you for you answer.

The plan was only to use two of the small linear actuators for the slide mechanism. But thank you for the tip about what to use for the lifting. It looks like a solid actuator.

I have now been looking at the control board you are linking to. And I can’t quite see where to connect all four linear actuators. Furthermore it is a bit unclear to me, how you would make two of them go one in while the other two should go out with that controller. Can you help me with that?

Best regards,
Rasmus MP


You need separate boards to do that. One board only can control one motor independently. If you want 2 motors to move parallelly, then you can connect them together before connect the board.