Linear Actuator for drinks cabinet door controlled by Google home, Alexa etc

Hi folks,

I’m in need of help and advice to make my idea work. I have made a drinks cabinet with a hinged door from an old whisky barrel. I’d like to ask Alexa or Google home etc, to “open the bar” or “I need a drink”

I installed a push to break switch for the internal LED light to come on when the door opens. Now all I need is an automated door opening system.

I’ve figured I could use a linear actuator, but I don’t know what other device I will need to make it voice activated as opposed to using a manual switch.

Any help is much appreciated!


Hello @Cameron91,

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You can use any Speech recognition module from this link:

Here’s one example with a video to see it in action:

This module will be connected to your controller and the controller will drive the actuator upon your command as shown in the video.

Let us know if you have any further questions.


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