LINE FOLLOWING ROBOT with obstacles avoider


I require your help regarding a problem I’m encountering.

An assignment has been given to me to Design (not model) a lime following robot for industrial applications with 3m length and 1.5m width Speed not to exceed 2m/s and load carrying capacity of 3 ton.

Thank you so much in advance for your help!

Hello @adarshn9nayak_1 and welcome to the forum!

As one of the most relevant requirements of the ones you mentioned is the tremendous amount of weight it must carry, I recommend checking this tool to get an estimate of the torque that the motors would require:

As it is a very large load I’m sure you will need some heavy-duty geared motors a very powerful motor controller as well as a sturdy chassis and some heavy-duty wheels. However, as you said you have to design (not model) the robot I’m guessing you mean a conceptual design, so you won’t need to select the actual parts but just indicate their specifications, right? If this is the case, with what other aspects do you need help? The brain of the robot? Sensors? Maybe checking the How to Make a Robot tutorial series can give you some ideas.