Line follower track

How can I make the line follower robot track(not on the floor)?

@andrei12345 Welcome to the RobotShop Community. Take a look at the large mats offered here, many of which are for line following:

For example:

If this does not answer your questions, can you perhaps explain a bit more?

I ask you if is a special Board to make this.

Apologies, still don’t understand the question…

Do you know the robochallenge competision?
Do you SEE the track is a black line on a Board?
How can i make this track?

Normally you can use black electrical tape and place it on anything white (board, thin plastic etc.).

Do you have a link of the Board?

RobotShop does not sell plain white board unfortunately. You can usually go to a local dollar store, craft store or hardware store to find something which can be used.

No a link were i can SEE How it Look like?

Some examples:

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Someone recommends me to use a PVC Board, it works?

You are really just looking for a difference in colors - white on black or black on white. The material should remain flat (which PVC does, unless it has been rolled up).

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Can i use white Wood laminate?

on PVC if i will use electric tape

Don’t see why not. You’re just looking for a flat, white surface.