LightBox night light thingey


This is my little LightBox, a night light. Basically what it does: When you switch off lights, it lights up for a minute for you to reach your bed without accidents :D

What is it built from:

  • Transparent candy box, "frosted" with thin sandpaper
  • Picaxe 08M chip
  • LDR
  • 4 Blue LEDs
  • 3 AA Batteries and battery holder
  • NPN transistor
  • few resistors



How does it work:

So, firstly as it has no power switch - it runs continiously. Not runs actually, I uses “nap” picaxe command to minimize power consumption when idle. So, it sleeps, wakes up every second to take LDR measurement. Then it compares it to last obtained one, and if previously it was"light" and now it is “dark”, LEDs faded in using PWM, kept on for a minute and finally faded out.

Works grate! I like it and wanted to share. :smiley:

Thanks for reading,


Cool!How about automated


How about automated light faded on 8 hours later


same time every morning excecpt weekends


sorry, your invention, just got inspired, should I make one? Nah, not before I make the laser-anti-climb-fence that I keep on stalling :smiley:

Very nice! I like it…

Very nice! I like it…

Coooool.Can you tell me a


Can you tell me a bit more about the PCB? Did you make it yourself or is it some sort of a platform for the 08M?

Nice project, isotope.

Nice project, isotope. Remind me on a night light project I once did with a PEM fuel cell, solar cells and a step up voltage regulator:




The PCB is Picaxe item CHI040. I used it for LadyBugBot as well and found it pretty versatile. Can recommend it.

Nice project Isotope

You have quality work.

@MarkusB - I’m really shocked you did not use the O2/H2 output as a flaming baby lamp.