Lidar vs Radar Rangefinder modules for terrain following over water

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Hoping I can tap your collective genius to help me solve a rather urgent problem. I am a small sole proprietor UAV solutions business in the north of Canada. We are using the restrictions on travel to bid on jobs that we might not get otherwise. My immediate issue is this; I have a custom built hex running cube orange and ardupilot that I use for mapping but this year its going to be doing some Lidar and bathymetric echo logger scans and I am in the process of upgrading the system to fill that role. My biggest issue is deciding on a rangefinder system for terrain following over water. The echo-logger has to be kept at a specific distance from the water so terrain following it the safest option. Are there Lidar systems that will reliably detect water? Should i spend the money on a radar rangefinder instead? The price difference is about $400 USD more for the radar system so if I dont need Radar I can buy 2 Lidar modules for the same price.

Thanks for any help or first hand experiences, it is greatly appreciated


I have seen these sensors in sewage inspections with good results (south Spain) to keep the same distance to the water all along the tunnels.

Their technology is compatible with Ardupilot and looks pretty easy to set up

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