Led lights for skateboard prototype

I’ve done a lot of skateboartits another side hobby and skating at night is annoying cause of Little Rock’s and bumps you can’t see so I made diy lights so I can see better these are still in the making and I needed to make them onto my old deck to see if it would work and now I can attach it to my main skating deck just Ned to make it tougher so it doesn’t fall off and have a battery pack for it
Here’s how it’s going so far.

Some of the leds aren’t working so I need to fix that as well

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Interesting idea. How do you plan to protect these electronics? Some metal casing? Because this is at the bottom of the board right?

I have some metal left over from my manufacturing class from the school year I might us that or some leftover ply wood to protect it

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Great. If you install it, we would like to see it :slight_smile:

Someone in my last post made a point about the covering for my led lights on my skateboard so I decided to brainstorm what I could use for covering well I used a plastic basket for the covering and due to there’s holes for it to shine and still have enough covering so here are some pictures.

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Yes, it was me who asked about the protection :slight_smile: You found quick but nice solution :slight_smile: