LED 5x5 Matrix controlled by Arduino (no transistors. no special library required)

Just 1 thing,

Thanks to persistence of vision


Hey, looks good and lots of

Hey, looks good and lots of fun… Can you post your code as an attachment? I’ve got my own LED project in the works.

I’m sure your LEDs are shining very brightly, but they may die soon if you don’t add the current limiting resistors you left out.

Ha ha

Ya I spoke about the resistors but unfortunately at 3:15 am no shops are open here…LOL…It means that I did this yesterday at 3:15am

I was very eager to finish it. 

About the code I will give you a hint try it out if you cant figure it out I’ll give you the code.


Break Each letter into parts…

And disply one part at a time,

then complete the letter in-parts

after that you need to do it so fast that our eye cant figure it out.

At last do it for every letter and put all into a loop (I bet putting it all into a loop will definately make you think)


Any luck in the programming?

Are you asking me? I’m

Are you asking me? I’m waiting for parts for my own project, which will actually not be very different from what you made.

I’ll continue to watch your LED projects, though. Nice work.

Hmm, thanks its hard and

Hmm, thanks its hard and have to think to much for the code but I am one very impatient guy… so didnt wait to figure out about how the matrix is controlled using some sort of ic’s.

I am making this led projects because I haven’t yet orderd my aircraft parts…(bit resarch remaining)…And as I said m v. impatient