LDR problem

Hey i plan to make a robot that has no brains at all. but the LDR's are not working! they were working in the previous appliance (outdoor light) but not now with a battery,motor and an LDR and it won't work! here is the schematic for my robot.



                                                                    Can you please tell me what is wrong!</p>

Is your schematic simplified?

I’m not sure what photoresistor you’re using, but you can’t allow too much current to flow through them. They don’t dissipate a lot of heat (the photoresitor I use is rated at 80mW - datasheet). 80mW @ 5V is only 16mA. They also derate significantly when they heat up.

A better way to set this up is to use the LDR to swtich a power transistor (maybe a TIP 120).

Cool thank you alot

how would i connect it to my robot, sorry im new to electronics

Check out this link.
Check out this link.

Or this one
My A1 robot does exactly that. With transistors. And video.