LCD game arduino

I’ve made a prototype lcd game using arduino basically you have a joystick and you try and push down in time to hit the letter seems boring but I have to make some improvements but here’s the basic design and version 1.

Some of the problems include mixing of letter and spelling out gibberish and joystick not working sometimes.

Here’s a video

The video showed a lot of bugs that need fixing I’ll give another update when I’ve fixed them

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This reminds me of an old simple numbers game I had on my old Aiwa Sound System. The goal of the game was to press button exactly to match all three numbers.

I’ve found this YouTube video about this game. The video is dark, but you can see somehow how it looked like:

thats so cool just like this project, thats the goal of this one

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Good luck :slight_smile: I would love to see it working good!