Lavviebot S Won't turn on again after software update


I recently attempted to update my Lavviebot S to 1.02 and after the update was complete, I got a prompt in the app stating that the machine would turn off and back on again. The issue is that once the machine turned off, it did not turn back on. I have now left it overnight, tried to unplug and plug it back in and there is no response. The machine is completely not responsive and there are no lights (photo attached). Anyone else have this issue before?

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Hi @cynderella and welcome to the forum.

I am sorry to hear about the problem.

When you press SCOOP button, does separator works?

Also, did you check if power supply adapter is working?

Thank you.

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Hi @djurk0wic

None of the buttons are responding and the power is adapter is working. The green light is on.

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Hi @cynderella !

Thank you for your reply.

Was it bought from RobotShop?

Hi @djurk0wic ,

I bought this from Indiegogo but noticed that someone else had a similar issue with their machine on the forum so I posted here to see if I could get some help.

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Hi @cynderella ,

We will contact you by email.

Thank you.