LavvieBot Litter Box

Has anyone had the chance to try the LavvieBot automatic cat litter box? The price is astronomical, but in comparison the the worrisome litter robot 3, I may consider it. I have a litter robot 2 (love), and a litter robot 3 (hate). Would love to know if this is a better functioning litter box compared to what seems like a hold on the auto box market.
(Background on my litter robots…Had 1st gen, worked fine but just upgraded to 2nd gen because it was bigger. Have replaced the mother board once and it’s still going strong after 10 years. Bought the 3rd gen because it was supposed to be better. Not even close. Had it for about 3 years and it’s never really worked right. Have replaced almost every single electronic part and one fix turns into another problem. So tired of it that I’m close to tossing it.)

Would love to hear from anyone that has tried the LavvieBot? Pros Cons etc…

Hello @4gulls

The LavvieBot S is currently a product in preorder, as it hasn’t been released yet, but from our experience while testing the unit, it offers new functionality and reliability that are well worth it.

The LavvieBot S uses a combination of non-stick plastic and a 6.5L refill storage to make sure the 5L litter tray is always kept clean and full for every use, so you can fill it and forget the litter chore for up to 21 days. If only one cat is using the unit.

The always full and fresh litter bed helps for odor management, and the LavvieBot S effectively neutralizes odor through its gel deodorizer that absorbs up to 93.9% of ammoniac. In addition, the waste drawer has a sealed lid, and since it only opens during the cleaning cycle, it helps minimize the odor.

For the waste drawer, you can use any bag as long as it fits into the unit, but it’s recommended to use a custom-fit waste bag to avoid the LavvieBot inaccurate notification of a full waste drawer.

The rake system offers a robust sifting system. By focusing the rotational force of the motor onto the separator, LavvieBot S’s mechanism demonstrates exceptional cleaning ability, preventing breakage and while keeping noise levels surprisingly low.

It will automatically start cleaning after a set amount of time chosen by the user between 15 and 90 minutes and depending on your cat’s needs, you can extend time to let the clump solidify and let the LavvieBot S do the cleaning.

If your cat enters the machine during the auto cleaning, its front infrared sensor will instantly
detect the movement, and the separator will be shifted to standby mode immediately.

The LavvieBot application keeps track of the frequency and length that your cat uses LavvieBot S, so you can always stay on top of your cat’s health by consulting the frequency of use report that is available daily. And by monitoring its use, you will be able to know if your cat does not go frequently or too often to make its needs, and thus know if there may be health concerns.

The unit can distinguish your cats as long as their weight difference is about 1.6lb or more, meaning that you can monitor its use by your cats on an individual basis. LavvieBot parent company are also working on a cat pendant to help LavvieBot S identify cats regardless of their weight.

Finally, it’s recommended that cats weigh approximately between 2 and 16lbs to use it, but unfortunately, the unit wouldn’t accommodate large cat sizes of breeds such as Maine Coon and Savannah.

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Please let us know if you have any questions!