LaunchPad: Which Dev Environment?

So now that I have a TI LaunchPad, one of the first choices I need to make is which develoment debugger/compiler to work with. I'm totally new to debuggers and compilers, so I'm asking for your opinions.

The LaunchPad works with Code Composer Studio Version 4 and IAR Embedded Workbench Kickstart.

Here's what I'm starting from:

  • Limited programming experience (Basic, Picaxe, UNIX shell and Perl scripting)
  • No previous experience with either environment

One more factor is that I have also recently ordered a Arduinio Duemilanove. So if there is any similarity in environnments or if either of the tools above are compatible with Arduino's hardware, I guess that could be a benefit.

LaunchPad IDE

I’ve been using Code Composer Studio (CCS)  and it’s working fine for me.  I didn’t try IAR so I can’t compare them.  It looks like most of the examples and projects for getting started that people are posting for LaunchPad are using CCS which is why I went with it.  Also the free version of CCS allows larger C programs than the free version of IAR.  Using either environment is a big step up from PICAXE, but your PICAXE experience will come in handy as you get going.  I don’t think you’ll find too much in common between either environment and your new Ardiuno, at least not enough to base a decision on, and no hardware compatibility to speak of as they are different microprocessors altogether.  LaunchPad = MSP430 and Arduino = AVR.

I’m glad to see someone else excited about the LaunchPad.  I’m having fun with mine.  Let us know how you’re doing.

Thanks for the advice Ralph.

Thanks for the advice Ralph. I look forward to seeing what you do with the LaunchPad. 

I downloaded and installed

I downloaded and installed CCS and got my first couple of programs compiled and running to blink LEDs and toggle them on and off in response to a button push.

I can see I have a LOT to learn. It’s been so long since I’ve done any serious programming, I’m basically starting from scratch. Does anyone have some good recommendations on books and resources for learning C programming? I was looking at the O’Reilly Practical C Programming book (

Hi ignoblegnobe, there is a

Hi ignoblegnobe, there is a tutorial here if you are interested. However you might have already got your environment going.