LaunchPad Breadboard Shield link

I found some interesting MSP430 projects on the website, including this LaunchPad Shield. It is just a breadboard for prototyping, but I thought it was pretty neatly done. I may create a variation.

There are a couple of other projects posted as well, with the promise of more to come.

Also, this person works exclusively in Linux, so if you are a Linux user looking for help on the MSP430, you may want to check out this site.

Thanks IG

I looked at the snazzy sales video and saw some other activity… now that I know it’s Linux friendly I’ll be ordering mine today.  What a great deal $4.30 ??  Sweet !  Have you gotten yours, or is it backordered to 2020?

I have mine in hand and I’m

I have mine in hand and I’m working on some ideas for it. Search this site for ‘MyLaunchPad’ for and you will hit all my posts on the subject.