Larger all terrain crawler " outdoor gardening aid

Hello guys Crawler tank track/4 wh drive motor with suspension for all terrain .
Aim RC controlled robot for small holding / gardening use. To tow loads : grass cutter / wheel barrow etc Actually for allotment society market

  1. Has anyone got a design showing how to put suspension to drive wheels ? elec scooter design ? What springs.
  2. Recommend where to get suitable low rev high torque motors from ? Pair windscreen motors ? Invalid car motors ?

Made diy tank track from old cycle tyre / nylon bolted to standard chain ( so rigid along its length / meshing with 200mm nylon casters pitch drilled as drive socket.
I think it could be a low cost " recycle" solution for tank tracks . Happy share this design with anyone could help take it to final real working robot.

ciao Ms Otis

Hello @msotis and welcome to the forum

Nice idea to use cycle tires as tank tracks :slight_smile:
But I’m not sure, if I’d like them to rip off my garden soil when manouvering around.

The easiest suspension would be a connecting bar from wheel to wheel with a pivot-bearing in the middle. Maybe add a tension-roller or something to keep the track tight around the drive wheels.

Hello O’Lampe thanks Do you have any sketches/ diagrams of your suggestion please
Yes going to need intermediate track roller /chassis tensioner.

take your point about mashing up a lawn. But its better than wheels ( load spread) Only crawler speed .
Many have had a diy go at bicycle tyres to caterpillar tracks. Just google it PI “P interest” has one too
One was just a fennner drive belt between same V groove drive wheels ( like car fan belts with cycle tyres screwed to them )
They all suffer the same problem : a long rubber anything is just too laterally wobbly ( excuse me sir no giggling from the cheaper seats !) to stay on the drive wheel in a turn Just peels off.
But this design overcomes that with the chain link beefing the tyre so now its rigid along its length. The nylon screws providing the " sprocket" engagement
I cant believe no one actually make something like this " Robot tractor mini agricultural vehicle". Well they do of course but they are all ride on petrol things designed for USA farms Wish I had help sure there’s a market here ciao Ms O