L298N board Blinking when connected to power supply

Hey Guys & Gals, 
so was trying to run one motor via L298N which was connected to Arduino UNO but when i commanded the motor to rotate from clockwise manner( forward) to anti-clockwise manner (backward), the led on the L298N board and the led on my power supply ( 24V , 2A) started blinking, i tried resetting the arduino, disassembled and again assembled the setup but yet i am facing the same problem any help regarding this query is appreciated  



plz message, if you find any above mentioned data is insufficient or do u have any doubt regarding my stated question

Sounds like the uno is resetting.

Can you give a diagram or a picture of the setup or a good description?  What kind onf 24v ps do you have? how do you power the uno? What kind of l298 setup are you using, a board, shield or your own brew?  I know I am asking a lot of questions :slight_smile: