Kinematic using HS1 motor in ESP32

Hi All,
I’m working on using the Lynx motion motor HS1. I’m trying to control it using ESP-32. As the LSS library is incompatible with ESP32.

I tried to control the motor by printing the Communication protocol commands in the serial monitor and it works sometime and sometime it’s not working and only a few commands work in that method. I know it is a non-standard method but with this Can we able to implement kinematic of the robot ?
If so how to implement it explain in detail with examples.
And if there is any standard method to control HS1 motor with ESP32 please do let me know in detail.

Do help !!!

Hello @AArun_Natarajanj and welcome to the community,

In order to assist you, it would be helpful if you could answer the following questions:

  1. Could you check the logic level of your board? If it is 3.3V you will need a level shifter to communicate with the LSS HS1 (5V TTL).

  2. Could you further explain the procedure you used to send the commands?

  3. Are you using the LSS Config software?

  4. Did you configure the ID of your motor?

  5. Have you updated the firmware?

  6. Could you give some examples of which commands work and which not? Or is it random?

  7. Could you share a photo of your setup? If possible, where we can see how the power supply is connected and the connections for the serial communication.


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