Kinect is future?

Control your computer with gestures. 

Right now the technology for consumer PC's is already advanced and touchscreens, touchpads are sensitive for gestures.

But what's even without physical contact? The Microsoft Kinect is a good way to try these different approaches.

**Look at this one **

Hey you may want to have a look on this one which is better and cheaper from microsofts kinect .

I mean the Leap Motion :

@flokos: Thanks, now I am

@flokos: Thanks, now I am even more infected :slight_smile:

@Maxhires: Yep, know about this too.

@6677: Yeah, i was already wondering what’s looking so weird…thanks.

just another example of

just another example of reality catching up to science fiction. Once upon a time people watch Star Trek and said “Wow, a flip open wireless communicator… how cute” Not long after (in a global sense) we had the flip open cell phone.

Watch the movie “Minority Report” and you’ll see an amazing computer controlled by elegant gestures… Which seemed laughable even when it was released… Mr. Doug (Me) thinks tht future may not be so far off again.

In the end, the nerds who watched those movies will be the makers of the future :wink: Good forum topic!

You got the point!!!See

You got the point!!!

See Jules Verne, almost everything he wrote came true. And today I just read this:

We are close to explore the galaxy :wink:

**now comes the real issue **

Is this this really a more efficient way to interact with a computer or just a really neat niche application?  

Don’t get me wrong this looks really cool but so do multi touch displays but I cringe every time I watch some poor weather person fumble around with one. The old system was more efficient much like the problem with touch screen remotes being less efficient then push bottom remotes.


still fun to watch, tho I’ll wait for a neural interface which should make this more useful .

exactly, this way to

Exactly, this way to communicate with a computer is not always the best. I would not prefer to use this when writing an article in a text processor but I could get use to it by playing a game or surfing in the internet, I mean all applications where I do not need a keyboard.


good thought.

I think this could be a realistic method for communication with technology… but it will require us to change our technology set-up. For example: my minority report example earlier, the hand motion interface worked because he interfaced with the computer standing up and moving around. That same technology would by no good at a sit down desktop… 


So to answer your question, it could be a realistic idea, but only if we evolve the way we use it as well