Just a simple light following head version 1

Hello! this is probably my first barebones(I think)....it should actually use a pcb, but there was a problem when I printed the circuit board, the circuit's too narrow, the heat from the soldering removed the copper from the board...well, this is only the 1st version though, kind of like a prototype, so...here goes;

here's the first pcb sketch:

then here's the pcb after the soldering disaster(I'm currently making a different one that should not make this mistakes again, note: the other pcb is for ALAN the robot orangutan, and the sawed section in the top right is also for ALAN's neuron):

here I am making the barebones:

and here's the complete head:


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Great, I like freeform

Great, I like freeform stuff. The idea is also great, even if I get the feeling that you feel boring and just built something (something really cool) :slight_smile:

Robot is yes!

This is great and I congratulate !


whats component was that?LDR?