Joystick controller?

I am looking to by an al5d for a project. Am I able to wire in buttons/joysticks to move the robot without a computer permanently attached?

@nicos Welcome to the RobotShop Community. We currently have two proposed electronics to control the arm: The SSC-32U dedicated servo controller, or the BotBoarduino programmable microcontroller. The BotBoarduino can be programmed so that it can interface with a PS2 handheld controller and make use of inverse kinematics:

However, you’ll need to upload code. The SSC-32U can be connected to a computer which runs the free software “FlowArm”, and an XBox or PS2 controller can be connected to the computer.

If you don’t want intermediate electronics, you can control each joint using a normal handheld RC servo controller, though there won’t be any inverse kinematics for x,y,z positioning - you’d control each joint individually.

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