JME Mantzel's robot kit on Kickstarter

Hi everybody!

Just have seen JME Mantzel's robot on Kickstarter. I think it is awesome! :) Here is a related video from his channel on Youtube. Also if you like it, spread the word, as what he's doing is absolutely brilliant! :) I'm totally gettting one to play with as it is hack friendly! :)

Hope this type of ad/spam is acceptable :) Actually I hope to see more great things to take off!


Don’t worry isotope, that’s

Don’t worry isotope, that’s no spam at all. Jaimie is one fellow robot builder, so we can support him from here too. 

Damn, only credit card payment possible on Kickstarter…

I’m a big fan on Jamie’s robots

I’m going to order two kits… I wish I had money for more.

one more to add to the list

So many things to support, so little money.

Love this dude…thanks for

Love this dude…thanks for the heads up.  Definitely ordering a kit :slight_smile:

Yay! I’ve been waiting for

Yay! I’ve been waiting for this! Totally backing it and hoping for one deluxe kit and one basic.

Also, I was able to get Jaimie on the phone and interview him. Stay tuned for an article on MAKE about it!