Its all about underwater

I just wanted to ask all professionals and robotics enthusiastic to please notice my question, i would like to ask if you have an idea about underwater sensors available in the market we are about to create a robot that has the ability to measure the temperature of the water, turbidity, acidity, etc. I tried already to build a robot underwater and I already applied monitoring and collecting garbages under and on the surface of the water with build in GPS. Now, my concern is, are there any other concepts can I adopt with you guys? Thank you in advance!


Are you just looking for sensors or simply new ideas? You could maybe add a methane or CO2 sensor to check the effect of global warming on water. If you’re looking at specific sensors, just tell me!

I had also an idea about HydroLab Quanta sensor but in high price, would it be possible to inform me about another sensor?

Hey @Bourgou

You won’t be able to find anything cheap because those cost a lot to manufacture and to engineer.

However, you can find cheap PH sensors like this one: