Issue with IR Reciever Module Talking to Spider Controller

Probably a question for OddBot specifically, but maybe someone else could benefit someday from the answer.

This is part of my slow-rolling work on my Service Droid, VADER. 

I've wired an IR Receiver module (pictured) to the Spider signal pin D01 (Interrupt 1) and copied your code example used for OB1 on this post: and
With modifications to the code since I'm using a different interrupt:

#define IRrecvpin 1    // D01 IR receiver      signal  pin - external interrupt 1

and in the Setup()


The issue I'm having is that the Spider doesn't seem to be recieving the signal. I tested the module on a another Arduino Mega with nearly the same code and it worked fine, but when connected to the Spider, it doesn't. The routine is running and I have the IR decode values displayed but they are always 0.

This module has 3 pins for Power, Ground and Signal so I used the 3 D01 pins as if connecting a servo with the inner most pin being signal, the middle pin as Power (+5V) and outer pin as ground.

I feel there is something obvious I'm missing, but I can't seem to determine what it is. Any advice would be appreciated.



Hmmm. Maybe I have an out of

Hmmm. Maybe I have an out of date version of the Spider manual? It lists D2, D1,D21,D20,D19 and D18 as interrupts 0 through 5, respectively.