Is there any arduino command for turning off the servos of my AL5D?


I’m currently programming my AL5D with Java.
In one part of my programm my AL5D has to wait in a certain position for 2-3 minutes,
unfortunately the AL5D’s servos are super loud and annoying in this phase.
Now I’m looking for a command who can temporarly turn off the servos and turn it on again when I send it via SerialPort.
Just for clearance, this is for example the command I’m sending to the AL5D for moving his base: #0P 1000 .

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Hi @LouisB,

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Oh, interesting! We rarely have users using Java, but yeah, any framework with serial port access can control the AL5D/SSC-32U!

Indeed! Especially if under load! Also, while powered they will heat up so it is recommended for extended use to make the RC servomotors in the joints go limp whenever possible (i.e.: allows them to cool down). They are after all in plastic cases!

There is a (not so well documented) feature with the SSC-32 / SSC-32U that allows exactly that! Simply sent a pulse value of 0 or 65535. These will make the channel’s signal pin equal to LOW / GND with #[id]P0\r or HIGH / VCC with #[id]P65535\r. Asking a channel to be 0 or 65535 effectively turns it into a digital signal instead of a RC PWM control signal!

Now, it just so happens that the RC servomotors used int he AL5D go limp when they receive a constant low or high signal (i.e.: not a valid RC PWM control signal); as most RC servomotors do. Of course, this trick may not work on RC servomotors from other brands or other models.

Please note though that when you do send something like #0P0\r, the RC servomotor on that channel 0 will go limp, which means it will not hold its position anymore. So if you do this for the entire AL5D just makes sure it is in a position beforehand that will be appropriate for it to go limp in. Otherwise it will just fall straight down (pesky gravity! :stuck_out_tongue: ) and may damage things around it.

I hope this info is helpful to you and feel free to ask any other questions you have about the AL5D, SSC-32U, etc.!

Good luck with your project!


P.-S.: The RobotShop community always likes to hear about new projects, so feel free to talk about your project here!

Hi @scharette,

thanks for your answer !
Unfortunately I can’t try it out atm. Corona doesn’t allow me to get to work :frowning: .
Stay healthy everyone :smiley: .

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No problem! Let us know how it goes when you get to try it.

Ah! I see. Well, safety & health to you and your family too!