Is there a Wifi upgrade kit for Litter-Robot III?


Does anyone know if an upgrade kit is or will be available for an existing Litter-Robot III?




Not yet, it will be available soon but we do not know when exactly.


I can swear that I saw it in the shop few month ago, but I can’t find it there now. Will it be available in some near future?

Hi there,

I believe you saw it there:

The product’s reception is still unknown to this date.

Hi, @pjutras. The links you added are to the full products, however this thread is about upgrade kit (

Will this item be available on

Unfortunately, this information is unknown for now but we do plan to offer the installation of the upgrade kit.

It is not yet available and we will let you know.

Hello, do you have some news for us? I search the upgrade kit also.

Hello @112642330078894735318,

There will be upgrade kit for sale but it is still not known when…

Hello there!

I’m happy to announce that the Litter-Robot 3 Connect (Wifi-Enabled version) is now In stock!

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It will available shortly but not so sure about when exactly.

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Not so sure about how exactly it is available.

Litter-Robot III Connect Upgrade Kit is in stock!

Have bought the connect kit. However, I didn’t get the Main Circuit board of connect kit.

Besides, is there demonstration of installing new DFI sensor ? Have no idea how to install it.

Hi @barkleyc,

Is this what you received or there is something missing?

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Hi Barkleyc,

Unfortunately, Litter-Robot has not put online a procedure yet.
I’m currently working on one and it should be online really soon.

I’m rushing to support you and other customers that will have to install the upgrade kit in the next few months.



thanks for reply.

Exactly, these are what I received. But I saw the instruction that there should be a “Main Circuit board for Connect” and I didn’t get it. Please see the picture.

Hi @barkleyc

You received a motherboard with the WiFi IC integrated. This mean that you only need to swap the board and install the new DFI sensor.

The board you received with 4 pins is the new DFI sensor. It is normal that you have only 1 board.
You may use this guide to replace the DFI sensors:
The board will be installed on the right side of the drawer, near the circuit board.
The 2 black wire with the red connector will travel on the side of the base to reach the 2 metal pins (anti-pinch).
You can connect either of the wire to either of the pins as long as both connectors are plugged.


Great. So glad to see your comment. Really appreciate!!!

BTW, I didn’t notice there is a new DFI sensor in the connect kit. I also bought another DFI sensor (old) to replace the broken one. It seems I don’t need them. Hope the new DFI sensor will be more stable.

Thanks anyway.



You may contact the internal support to have your DFI order cancelled or refunded.

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