iRobot 980 is DEAD On Arrival


I require your help regarding a problem I’m encountering.

I recently purchased a 980 in NY. We were preparing to move out of the country, so when I received it, it just waited to be loaded onto the container and shipped. We finally got our things after about 8 weeks. It then took some time before we were set up enough to get to the iRobot. At last I opened the box to set it up and I find that it is giving me Error 6. It constantly thinks that it is falling off a cliff. I researched every possible fix and nothing worked. I contacted Customer service and they told me two things:

The unit is used (news to me after spending almost $1,000!), and
Because I took it out of the country all warranties are voided

Imagine my horror.

So, they suggested that I contact customer service here in Israel. I did this and they were nice. They actually came and picked it up to diagnose it. After two weeks they called me to say that the unit is “Unrepairable” and of course, with no warranty since I bought it in the US.

I am now in the middle of the proverbial Catch-22.

So, as a Hail Mary, I am seeking some help from you guys. Now, of course, I didn’t buy it from you, but I am curious if maybe I can buy a new motherboard from you in hopes of not having to pay another $1,000. I was told to write you by the lovely lady at your 866 number.

iRobot 980

Software concerned:

Troubleshooting steps already taken:
Every possible one found on the Internet.
Additional information:

Thank you so much in advance for your help!

Hey @pmr972

From what we can understand, you have moved to Israel with your Roomba, coming from the US.
Have you used a voltage converter? The voltage in Israel is 220V, while the power supply from the Roomba 980 in the US can only accept 110V.
This could have damaged your Roomba, thus creating the issue.

We unfortunately do not offer any replacement parts for the iRobot 980 in our catalog.


If you can’t fix it try selling it on ebay. People would probably buy it for part like myself lol. @pmr972

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No, I did not mess up the voltage. Actually, the power transformer on the u it is a dual voltage/frequency model so all that was needed was to convert the actual blade plug to round ones.

As the technicians explained, the 980 was actually “used” and sold to me as new. It is my feeling that somehow a dead unit was shipped to me in place of a new one. And now that they are using the out of the country excuse, they don’t have to make good on it. What a disgusting company!!!

Want to buy it? Make me an offer.

I will think about it. I don’t honestly need a roomba since I have a neato robot. Thanks!

So, since I guess I have suffered a total loss on this iRobot 980, what would you suggest for something reliable and has a GOOD warranty?



Neato! Any model is way better than a roomba. @pmr972