IR and Sensor rangefinding data visualisation

IRscan.png (230438Bytes)
SonarScan.png (365287Bytes)

These images were created by stepping a pair of servo motors to create a file containing sensor readings for each possible servo position.

I took 3 readings for each position from each servo and stored them in a file, then read the data back in a seperate pygame program running on a desktop to generate the image. RGB values were generated from the 3 readings from each sensor.

The robot was positioned in a hallway looking at a door about a meter away. For the bottom half of the picture, the robot is looking down and scanning an area about the size of a CD and shrinking as it gets lower. this is due to the positioning/mounting of the servo.


I think i need to add a cap to the Sonar's input line - both sensors are running from the arduino's +5v line, powered via a serial connection to an eeepc

All software is done in python, scanning took 10 hours or so and generated a 16 meg file.

I have one question.How do

I have one question.

How do you plan to use this?


It gives me an easy way to

It gives me an easy way to calibrate "handy" distances and servo positions. Since each pixel can be converted into a servo direction, it gives me an easy way to choose areas to scan for information. Also, the multiple samples and image comparison give me handy visual information on how accurate my sensors are

By placing the robot in different locations, i should be able to better calibrate its object detection/avoidance - next, i want to point it the other way down the hallway, so there is a clear view for several meters, with doors on the side