IOIO-SHR version 2 sneak preview

Started this weekend with the 2nd version of my IOIO-SHR (Start Here Robot). Because Santa brought me a Rover 5 chassis on christmas, this would become the chassis for it. I got the 2WD version including wheel encoders and the motor controller board.

Here are some shots from the assembly test.

The IOIO is mounted on a carrier board with 3 pin headers for all IOs. Some Jumpers are available to select the supply voltage for the IO headers, 3.3V, 5V from the IOIO or external servo voltage.


The Rover 5 chassis internals. The power switch and the charging connectors needs to get wired. I will use a 7.2V NIMH power pack for the motor driver and a 6V/5A BEC for the servo power.



The Dagu compound eye and a HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor mounted on a Lynxmotion Pan/Tilt frame will become the eyes of the robot.


Backview of the robot.



The wiring needs to be completed. No programming has been done so far, but it should be easy to port the IOIO-SHR v1 programs.

Thanks for watching.


Hey thats looking sweet. I will be most interested to follow along on this one. I have a galaxy but it’s the first. A gt1900 with 2.2 Froyo. But looking at sparkfun I can see it works with Android 1.5 on, how good is that?

I was looking at microchips 24f android development platform yesterday but it’s dearer and only works with 2.3.4 onwards.

Hey I see your in Berlin? I was visiting there last September/October. My second trip in 10 years. Love it there. But perhaps not in winter. heh.