Introducing myself

Hello everyone,
My name is Albert and I'm from the Netherlands. I was searching stuff about how to make your own robot and it appeared that I couldn't find much in my own language. That surprised me a bit. To my humble opinion, robotics is part of a future and without stimulating people to look into this, we cheese heads stay one or two steps behind other countries. So what is it I'm looking for out here?
Of course I found the well described pages here about how to build your first robot. At first my one and only goal was how to make a robot like that, but now knowing that there is little to be found on this subject in Dutch, I also want to make a "how to build your first robot" step by step guide in my own language. This to stimulate people in Holland, to start nice projects like all the projects here.
The first step that I took was to see what parts you need, to assemble a "low budget" robot. Two important things for me, to check. One: availability in Dutch shops. Of course you can ship stuff, from all over the world, but I want to make it as accessible for Dutch people as possible. Second: I wanted stuff that's common, because there's more info to find for these parts and software.
It appears that there are stores in Holland where you can buy most of the same components that beginners on this website use.
So what did I ordered myself to build a robot?
These things:
- Arduino UNO Rev3 (I wanted the Picaxe, because that one is so well described, but it appeared not to be sold in Holland)
- Arduino Motor shield Rev3
- The IR distance sensor by sharp (10-80)
- The Magician 2WD Platform (Yes it's a kit I know, but for just 16+ euro's... and it has the wheels and geared motors along with it)
- Some male to male jumpwires
- A battery box
What do I still need:
- A Servo 180 degrees.
- Another battery box (6 aa instead of 4 my mistake).
The problem I run into:
Because the Arduino ONE is an often used inexpensive project board, I thought to find a description like the one for the picaxe easily. It might be, because of my bad English, or because I'm looking at the wrong places. It would be very helpful indeed, to have a basic programming, for an Arduino project board, to create a robot, that does the same thing as the one and original "how to build your first robot" with picaxe board.

When I put this robot together and start to program it, I will make photo's, video's and a description in as well Dutch as English, and try to make it just as easy to read as the real thing.
All suggestions welcome!




Yes it’s a Robot!! But it’s not worthy of a name yet…
I Put it together and uploaded de wrm into the thing. No smoke, so that seems all right, but…
After fully assembled and uploaded the wrm, it starts to react (My first response: It’s alive… alive!!). I feel like a father all over again, but I can’t find a resemblance. I’m a very active person and this robot is not that active. Yes his head is turning around and when I lift up the machine the wheels start to roll. But as soon as I put it back on the ground it stops… It seems it has not power enough to do what it’s supposed to do. So, back to the drawing board… I mean this website. I read a lot about gear ratios and while I looked back at the pictures I took I saw the following:





Now I wondered, is this my problem? 48:1? The Magician 2WD Platform was standard delivered with these motors.

  • Max Motor Voltage: 6VDC No Load Speed: 90±10rpm No Load Power:190mA(max.250mA) Torque: Stall Power: ~1A
  •  Any suggestions?