Interfacing from PC to Arduino via PWM radio

Greetings fellow LMRians,

I am in the planning stage of building a quadcopter, which will be my first ever flying robot. So excited!!!! I have a question for you all: how would I interface some sort of PC control to the machine?

My friend is buying an awesome joystick system and I think that it would be really cool if I could use that to control the quad. I could maybe use an arduino with USB compatibility to control it directly but I think that it would be easier to use a PC as the joystick is  pretty complex and it would be like rewriting the driver software for it. (I think)

Any suggestions of devices like a radio USB dongle or something like that. I really want to stick with radio and PWM because that it what I know and it is the interface that the flight controller of the quad will use.

Thanks for your help and feel free to correct me as I very much a beginner.

Hi,I bought a Crazyflie


I bought a Crazyflie Quadcopter from Seeedstudio. They use a normal PC gamepad as remote and the nRF24L01 chip as rf link.

They made a nRF24L01 USB dongle called Crazyradio for PC connection. That worked pretty well. Unfortunatly, Seeedstudio don’t sell the Crazyradio separately. But maybe you can use a similar device like the Olimex USB dongle WRL-08859.

Thanks for your help guys

I will see how I go. It will be a steep learning curve but at least now I know some devices taht are capable of what I want to do.