Interests in robotics

hello! I am sorry I have not been on for a while.:neutral_face: anyway, I wanted to ask you guys to say which type of robotics you like, and why! If the forum goes well, I am going to make a blog about it! Thanks

Hey there Henry!

This would make a nice pole.

I will say that I have a preference for ‘‘tracked’’ robots.
There are less complicated to design than Biped or Legged robots and can deliver a load of torque with some basics mechanic principles.

And you? What kind of robot do you prefer?

Hi there @henry_bot :grinning:

I’ve always found animal-inspired robots awesome like the SpotMini and the cheetah from Boston Dynamics or the tiny little robots that look like insects haha. I don’t know why but I think those designs are really cool and some of them can be very original, like this robotic fish.

I’m also into underwater robots because they allow us to explore the ocean which oddly enough is quite unknown and mysterious. I also like robotic companions and health care robots but I’ll have to stop there because maybe I’ll keep going and going and mention every existing robot haha. Maybe a better question for me is what kind of robot is my least favorite :sweat_smile:

Hey @henry_bot :slight_smile:

Nice initiative :slight_smile:

I used to love industrial robots, like big industrial robotic arms used in industry. I’ve worked a lot with them and somehow got used to them :slight_smile:

Now, when I switched a little bit more towards hobby robotics, I’ve found a lot of other interesting designs :smiley: Like a lot of people, I like SpotMini design. Beside that, I think traditional look of robots (like one in my avatar picture :slight_smile: ) or at least robot toys, is still very cool :slight_smile:

Hey Geraldine,

I guess you would like Festo.


Wow I haven’t seen them before! Just the spider one which I thought was so cool, but they are all awesome :star_struck:

Thank you for sharing that haha, now I have new favorite robots :robot::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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thank you for commenting! my favorite robot is robots that can explore their envirement. I think I will make a blog soon!

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thank you, dj! I like spot mini too!

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cool! i like bug robots too! :bug:


Military robots like the forces will do cus at least they’ll be programmed for it and there will reductions of death on human forces

woww…this cool

Can you say Skynet or Terminator?

yes, you are right, harmony.