Innerbreed Pull-Pull Animatronics (3D Printed)

I wasnt happy with the current Pull-Pull wheels available on the market…

so with Eric-[size=150]DiaLFonZo[/size] help iv made some. PRINTED! 8)
They fit directly to the SES hole pattern so adding them to a servo using the servo horn (HMSH-02), Ball Bearing Hub Kit (BBH-01) or any SES part, including the Small 8mm Bearings is easy.

Thanks Eric
Innerbreed - PullPull 24mm

Innerbreed - PullPull 24mm

4 pack: … -pack.html

Single: … irect.html


They came out real nice.
I will have to order them now…

Just want to tell that this set was ordered using Alumide which is a mix of plastic and power aluminum.


Nice, very well done!
The printed parts look really solid.

you wanna see what im using them for!! :smiling_imp: lol

(BTW: Let me know if you have any SES or other part that you would like to be design to be printed)

Okay Jonny and Eric,

So you think it’s all right to show off in front of the old guy, especially when you know he is still recuperating from surgery and you think he can’t defend himself:

But at the risk of exposing my antiquated ignorance to the entire forum :blush: , what the (bleep) is a “Pull-Pull Wheel” and why would you use one?

The parts look very nice by the way, but we expect that from you two guys. :slight_smile:

Hi Ted,

I am happy to read you … it was a long time ago… :wink:
Pull-Pull is use to run a cable wire.
You lock the wire on the groove with the screw and you can attach something to the other end of cable.
To make movements.

Hope i am not so bad to explain in english… lol

Yes the new pull pull wheel will allow for a 1mm steel cable 'like a break cable from a bike, to transfer rotational or linear motion to a point of axis. Used widely in animatronic to allow small parts to be manipulated.

Thanks, guys, short, succint, and entirely satisfactory. :slight_smile:

BTW: I see from other threads in the forum that the two of you are collaborating on several projects together. Given the evidence of mad genius revealed in your individual histories, do you think the North Atlantic hemisphere is prepared for this?

Lol… We have a few things going on but it keeps us busy.
Eric has exceptional cad skills of which Im grateful for.

What type of 3D printing process are they using for that? Do they mention what machine they have? I have been investigating the process, would like to get a 3D printer one day. I assume the machine / process that has the cheapest end product is what they are using?

It’s not like we often see. (something like hot glue…)
It’s more like Power material

Of course! I can imagine some new cool animatronic projects. Looking forward to see them in action.


Glad you finally explained its use. I was afraid I’d have to ask…


Alan KM6VV

The cable run the two side of the puley.
So there is two wire that are going to the part you will move.
That way… they both pull … :wink:

yes this is true but really it does depend on how you have it set up to whether its a or push-pull or Pull-Pull.

Push-Pull usually refer to a rod system, were a **single **rod/cable 'acts as a single actuator either pushing or pulling. meaning the rod will take load.
Pull-Pull is as Eric explained were you have two identical (dual) actuating motions acting from one action. mostly used with cables but rods can be used also to get the same action. it pulls one way while the “slack” cable follows, then the motion reverse’s and the slack cable then pulls. if that makes sense.

The systems are very identical but some applications require different forces.

One side pulls, the other side is take-up.

Alan KM6VV

suppose i could have just said that yes. :wink:
“One side pulls, then the other side is take-up ready to pull again.” :laughing:

Very cool video and very cool company. I want one of those machines! LOL