InMoov + MyRobotLab + Kinect

This is wkinne's build of InMoov .. we are going through the joints of the kinect NITE skeleton and binding them to the various servos of InMoov.  The jaw is flapping considerably, and there would be speech - but wkinne turned the speakers off .. dunno why.  He does other tricks too - speech recognition, IK , etc...  long list of potential stuffs - 

Lookin forward for the Y.M.C.A workout video :D

Added Gael's build video

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Oooooh, have I been waiting

Oooooh, have I been waiting for this since the Make: interview. The epicness is overwhelming. Awesome work!

Thanks JerZ

Its a fun collaborative effort…  trying to get the InMoov’n groov’n