Inaccurate PR2 MarkerArray action

Hi all
I am using PR2 robot. When I use RViz to make a certain action using MarkerArray and interactive marker, I see that the required destination is not accurately reached. Please the photos attached. I really need help.

Thank you in advance

@khesbak Welcome to the RobotShop Community. Not many people on this community have experience (or have shown they are capable) in RViz, though I do hope experienced members will not hold back from offering suggestions. Have you posted the question (and details) on the RViz community?

Thank you for your kind reply. I did not post it on the RViz community, but I will be thankful if you kindly may state the link for this community.

Many thanks in advance

In your case, it sounds more MoveIt + RViz related, so some options:

A nice tutorial if you’re not aware of it: