I'm already doing well!

I just made my first real sale, that is one test sale and one real sale. Oh baby, this is going to be cool!



(Backend of the marketplace, my personal webshop)

It’s my propellers, they are

It’s my propellers, they are selling like hell, you will never beat me Gamborg!


Just 1USD, that is such a bargain!

Already shipped

And you are not alone :slight_smile:


My dashboard view, and it have been shipped already.


I just made a purchase from the store. The purchase process is as easy as you would expect from any other web store.

+1 for ease of use!


I have seen the store but

I have seen the store but did not have time to add my stuff there. Sorry about that. I will try to get it in the store as soon as possible. Great idea Frits, I hope that store will fill up more so you can make some cash to cover the LMR costs.