Ideas to build media player with large touch screen?

I’m totally new here so please be gentle.

I’m trying to build a media player with a touch screen for an aging parent. I’d like the touch screen to be reasonably large (like 10 inch) for older eyes and I’d like the finished product to fit nicely in a plastic or metal case with stereo RCA or 3.5mm jacks for audio out.

I have flexibility for the hardware (RPi, Beagle, etc) and the OS as long as it boots without intervention and is completely touch screen driven.

It took me a long time to get my parents up to speed with the audio system in their new Honda, where the CD player has been replaced with a USB stick, so a similar type of front-end would be great.

They won’t be streaming video or playing movies, just playing music from the USB stick and displaying album art and track information. So WiFi isn’t critical and a RJ45 jack will do fine for set-up, etc.

Any ideas? Suggested hardware and software?


I think the easiest way to create your project would be using a Raspberry Pi, a battery pack and a touchscreen.

We recommend the Rapsberry Pi 3:

Battery pack:

Some ideas for the screen:

The easiest way to start is using Rapsbian:

I hope this helped you.

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As pjutras has guided you enough already I think you will be more than fine to complete your build. Share your experience

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