Idea for shift register circuits?

So, I've recently mastered the use of shift registers and have a handful of them laying around.(74HC595's)

Any project Idea about what I might build with them?(possibly something out of track)?

What I mean by this is not knight riders or led cube circuits, rather some whacky ideas - even abstracts will do.

Possibly some fancy circuit you have in mind?

I am not asking for schematics, just running low on inspiration..Any ideas??

Oh and I don't mind using my arduino along with it(As it is what I have!)

Hmm…thanx bajdi and bdk

Will surely take a look at these.

its still led’s but…

after i get the 7 segment worked out i was thinking of moving to a 8x8 square using two sf’s then a two layer lcd as a visual output for my bot to help see any programming mistakes - the main point being that each is controlled by a single o8m picaxe (leading to sf) making it an independant unit - a good place to start with a more modular approach to bot building.


Old idea

I still have and old circuit box I have made more than 10 years ago. Took a cable from the parallel port on my PC and connected a lot of shift registers made with CMS 4014 and 4094, that can be cascaded. Had a pin to use it as data out, one to use it as data in, a clock pulse (for in and out at once) and 2 latch pulses, one to read and one to write. It has 25 outputs and 25 inputs. Still works very well; I’m using it to teach my children how to program in basic, controlling leds with the box. Of course this is for digital in/out. For analog input I used a 4051, so you can use 3 digital outputs to map 8 different analog inputs to 1 analog input. If you need to read slow analog parameters, like temperature, 1 reading over 8 loops is more than good.