I Super usb charger


osc251.zip (90618Bytes)

Let us suppose that you want to charge your phone outside the house where there is no power the I Super USB charger is the device you need.It remplaces the PC's or skypad's USB port to help you charge any device via USB.The good thing is that it's small and powerfull. You can charge it for a 1/2 hour and take it everywhere with you this is his charger :


how to charge it


you plug the power wire (220 V) a red Led confirmes that it's all good


you plug th other cable in the USB charger a red led confirmes that It is charging and also a green Led on the charger confirmess that you pluged something on its cable. 


you put the swith on Charge" And there you go

How to use the I Super USB charger :

You are outside the house with some friends having some good time you want to take some pics with your phone sadly low battery.Well you have the solution right in your pocket

  • You put the switch on "Power"


  • you plug your USB cable in the USB port and your probleme is solved.



  • This USB charger is compatible (Iphone-Ipad-Ipod) which make it very usefull.
  • This device is made of 100% recuperation pruducts so It's ecologic.

Some more Pics:





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