I REALLY like RobotC for the Arduino!

I have just had a chance to try the beta of RobotC (download it from their website: http://www.robotc.net/). You will get a 120 day trial (Nice!) It is still in Beta, but it looks really good.

So far, it downloads a chunk of code to the Arduino (I am usimg a Uno) that lets you debug (single step, etc) right on the Arduino!

There is supposed to be a simulator too, but I haven't tried it yet.

I would definitely call it "featue rich". The editor looks very nice too.

Expect to see a FULL REVIEW when I have tried it enough to really know what to say (I will try a project or two with it to really see how it feals).

Great demo, but not ready for prime time…

I was starting to look at building a robot with RobotC, but riight now that isn’t possible with the Beta version.

I looked up on their (extensive!) forum and found the servo function doesn’t work yet. Sound and really anything that deals with PWM are currently non-functional. (Motor speed control is not possible.)

This is still a great demo and I reccomend it to anyone interested in the Arduino. There is enough functional parts for it to be well worth downloading and experimenting with.

When this program is finished I think it will give the Arduino a much needed booster shot in the arm for developers and robot builders. I know I will be waiting.