I REALLY like my FEZ Panda II!

Soooooo, I got my new FEZ Panda II and I thought I might like it. I was right, I really do!

Basically, this Arduino sized board (compatible with some Arduino shields) is like the "FEZ Mini" on steroids! One of the many great things this board has is almost all the processor pins broken out to connectors that accept wires or shield pins. Other great items are a Micro-SD drive and a realtime clock. I did a firmware update without a problem. FEZ Mini programs are running just fine with an update to Panda II libraries.

If ever a board could be called an "almost perfect" microcontroller for a robot, this is it! :-)

I have already seen one picture of the Panda II board on LMR so I won't add another.

Lovi'n every minute of it!!!

Update: Seems I have real, legitimate reasons to be pleased (I would say "proud", would that get me shot?) with my Panda II

See: http://blog.hekkers.net/2012/05/16/arduino-on-steroids-and-net-micro-framework/ (You might NOT want to show that to your Arduino friends... :-)

Geir and my other friends here: I see a FEZ Cobra in my future (16 megs of memory and lots more stuff!!!)

I built a small robot with the Panda II Board

Building a small “test” robot with the Panda II board was relatively easy. I don’t have another working H-Bridge to space so it goes forwards only.

Softare changes primairly involved changing the digital/analog used by the robots where it was different.Other than that the code was the most portable I have ever seen.

The robot runs well, but there is nothing really exciting about it.

(I see no need to put a (bad) picture up on LMR. It won’t be together long enough to be on the list.)