I really like my FEZ Mini Robot

I am totally ejoying my FEZ Mini Robot! I thought the C# code might be hard for me but I am really starting to like that language. It is a "shift" in ones thinking about writing a good program. Now I am sure I would "mix some things up" if I went back to programming on a Arduino.

No fears mate about the C# code running on the FEZ Mini, it works just fine. The build/deploy/debug procedure works, but it still holds a lot of secrets. (The FEZ Mini board sends back "Rebooting..." like your device is acting like small computer!)

Anyway. You might want to try it. You might like it!


Thanks for responding

Your robot looks AWESOME and it is home-made (I think). I would LOVE to put a video up and keep thinking about buying a dirt-cheap video recorder (digital). Right now I just don’t have anything to make a video that was anything more than a blur. Yes I am a member of tinyclr and they are a pretty good group. Just not anywhere near as close as LMR is. I love this website!

All the other FEZ boards look really good and well worth getting and using for robotics (I know people do “other” things with controllers but I can’t think of a better use than with a robot.) I am finally getting to the point in C# where I can make my little robot do just about anything I want it to do and it is a GREAT feeling! I have used many other controllers but this one has me hooked! :slight_smile:

Also, thanks for letting me know where some of our fellow FEZ users hang out. There is a guy that joined LMR just recently and he has the same robot as mine on order (I just don’t know his name,) It really is a cheap (price) kit and it is easy to build and designed for lots of expansion.