I need to swap a grip


I want to get this kit

But the grip is too small. I need something that will be able to apply ok down pressure on something that is 1.75 inches wide. I figure I need a grip that can go to 2 inches. Are there other kits you would suggest or another grip that could replace the base part on this arm?

@DakAttack The A-style gripper opens to 1.875": Lynxmotion A Style Gripper Kit w/ Servo - RobotShop

Note however that the mounting for the A-style is horizontal, and intended to be used with a write rotate upgrade. If you find the appropriate screws, you should be able to use it with a normal SES pattern (the medium C-bracket included with the AL5D). Ex:

Another point to mention is that the Little Gripper Kit includes threaded inserts on either finger, which is meant to allow customers to add their own attachments such as larger fingers (3D printed, bent metal etc.).

If you need something much larger, but still compatible with the AL5D, consider a Lynxmotion Geared Gripper. You’d need a Lynxmotion Smart Servo as well (used in RC mode). It’s a much more expensive option, especially since you would not be using any of the “smart” features of the servo, but opens in a V so can likely suit your needs:

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